Case Studies

The following case studies have been provided to demonstrate how our long-term focus on the needs of our clients drives the realization of their intended outcomes and ensures their ongoing success.

Ministry of Social Development (MSD)

A 30 year client of Quartech Systems, the Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation delivers an important integrated continuum of housing and social development programs to British Columbians while safeguarding public interest. Responsibility areas include; income assistance (including the largest cheque-run in the province), housing, community living, employment and labour markets, safety policy and standards, volunteer and non-profit support, liquor licensing, enforcement and distribution, and gaming policy, regulation and enforcement. With this large area responsibility, MSDSI is heavily dependent on the technology and systems that facilitate high-volume distributed transactions and accurate information.


Case StudyCase Study: Corporate Data Warehouse (CDW) Project
"A complete solution from design to implementation... and a great value"


A client of Quartech Systems for over 25 years, WorkSafeBC (formerly the Workers' Compensation Board of British Columbia) is an independent organization responsible for managing worker's compensation insurance and the promotion of workplace health and safety in the province of British Columbia. Critical to the insurance business are the information systems that enable day-to-day business processes and management while supporting ongoing strategic decisions.


Case StudyCase Study: Consulting and Project Services
"Ongoing success from highly-skilled and cost-effective consulting resources"

Case StudyCase Study: Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) Project
"Design & implementation of a business-enabling decision support strategy"

Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC)

A 30 year client of Quartech Systems, the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) is the foundational supplier of all automobile insurance in the province of British Columbia. In addition to auto insurance coverage, ICBC is responsible for driver licensing, vehicle registration and licensing and commercial vehicle compliance. With high transaction volumes and integration with 3rd party insurance providers, ICBC is continually expanding and improving on their information technology foundation.


Case StudyCase Study: Consulting and Project Services
"Three decades of resourcing support and a long list of successful initiatives"

Fraser Health Authority (FHA)

A client of Quartech Systems since its inception, Fraser Health, one of six health authorities established by the government of BC in 2001, serves 1.44 million in their service area. They excel in their mandate to provide patients, residents and clients with needed care, in part through strategic relations with IT services partners that enable the integrated health care system that supports current and future generations.


Case StudyCase Study: Consulting and Project Services
"Seamless integration of Quartech and client teams from the very start"

"As a business partner, Quartech combines excellent skills, reliable and repeatable methods with a client focused approach."

Senior Executive, Social Services Sector Client

"I would like to say that the feedback provided on the quality of the work and staff at Quartech has been extremely positive. I know that our company looks forward to continuing what we see as a mutually beneficial relationship in the future."

Vice President, Finance Sector Client

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