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Desktop Support Analysts   -  Vancouver 

Quartech Systems Ltd. requires Desktop Support Analysts to assist with a Windows 7 upgrade project for a Vancouver based client on a contract basis.


Scope of Work

  • Defining Business Requirements
  • Develop detailed reporting specifications
  • Identify data requirements
  • Match data requirements against applications data fields
  • Identify any data gaps or issues
  • Support reports testing
  • Maintain application tools such as Dashwork/Juriba, Jira, AppDNA
  • Assist with data and reporting KPI requirements
Minimum Qualifications
  • 5 years of experience providing desktop support on Windows 7, Microsoft Office in complex work environment
  • Demonstrated ability to understand and define business requirements
  • Experience in SQL and Access databases
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
Desired Skills and Experience
  • Experience supporting tools such as Dashwork/Juriba and Jira
  • Data analysis/data requirements experience
  • Government or large corporate client experience

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"I have always found Quartech to be up front and honest. This trust is a key reason that I have felt comfortable in my business relationship with them for the last 17 years"

Stella Holloway

"I’ve been with Quartech since it was formed in 1984 and in that time I’ve only been ‘between consulting placements’ for a total of 1 week. To Quartech, you are a person, and not just a group of marketable skill sets"

Tom Preece

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