The Inclusion Project

Quartech is proud to sponsor this initiative to engage stakeholders on issues of diversity, equity, and inclusiveness.

Quartech is proud to sponsor The Inclusion Project,  a network and resource hub for public and private organizations engaged in knowledge development and practice to support and further equity, diversity and inclusion in Canada.

As part of the Inclusion Project, Quartech’s Mamata Patil and Stephanie Morin will be joining the conversion on diversity, equity, and inclusiveness across civil society, public and private sectors on Saturday, March 30, Royal Road University, Victoria. Join us!

Through research and public engagement, The Inclusion Project will support stakeholders in business, civil society, government and educational institutions in their understanding and application of equity, diversity and inclusion with a focus on intersectionality.

The Inclusion Project membership is open to

  • First Nations communities,
  • Educational institutions,
  • Government agencies,
  • Civil society organizations, and
  • Business & economic development organizations.

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