What is Staff Augmentation?

Organization use staff augmentation to add short-term, contract staff with specific skills to fill gaps within their internal project team. The team, including any contracted individuals, is managed by the organization. Staff augmentation is a cost-effective way to meet your business goals and deadlines and respond to changing demand without the cost and liability of hiring permanent employees. Contracts are typically a few months to a year and are renewed or extended as needed.

What roles do we provide?

The IT and business roles we can provide evolves with changing technology and client demand.  Project managers, architects, business analysts, developers, and quality assurance analysts are just a few of these roles. Other frequently requested professionals are listed on the Roles page.

Need a team?

If you don’t have internal capacity or skills to manage a software development team, consider a business applications development solution where your internal experts work in collaboration with our software development team managed by Quartech.


Quartech account executives have at least 15 years of experience delivering business and IT projects before becoming a Quartech account executive. This experience allows them to accurately identify business and technical consultants who have the right skills and the right cultural fit for your needs.

In the past 3 years, we have filled more than 2,000 opportunities with over 50 clients. And—perhaps most important—more than 99 percent of these contractors successfully completed their assignments! This saved our clients time and money.

What are the benefits of a contractor completing her or his assignment?

  • Projects are delivered
  • Cost of ramp-up time for replacement resources is avoided
  • Cost of knowledge transfer when a contract resource leaves early is eliminated
  • Time for client administration is reduced by eliminating the off-boarding of a exiting resource and the on-boarding a replacement

How do we achieve one of the highest retention rates in the marketplace?

  • Focus on completing client assignment successfully—not on “filling the order”
  • Communicate throughout the engagement with both our contractors and your staff—not simply at the beginning of the contract

A sampling of our staff augmentation clients

Contract Business and IT Professionals

Contract Business and IT Professionals since 1996

One of the largest providers of business and IT professional services to WorkSafeBC:  business analysts, change management leads, COTS integrators, developers,  project managers, quality assurance analysts, systems analysts, technical architects, technical writers, testers

Contract Business and IT Professionals

Contract Business and IT Professionals since 1984

business analysts, advisers, business intelligence architects and developers, business systems analysts, data analysts, DataStage experts, EDW developers, functional analysts, mainframe specialists, network administrators, project managers, solution architects,  testers, and much more.

Contract IT Professionals

Contract IT Professionals since 2011

business analysts, data architects, developers, DevOps specialists, enterprise architects, mainframe developers, oracle reports developer, project managers

IT Staff Augmentation

IT Staff Augmentation since 2005

analysts, business analysts, change management consultant, device analysts, Excel developers, .NET developers, project control specialists, supply chain workspace SharePoint developers, UI consultant, usability consultant, UX expert,