What are Business Intelligence and Data Analytics?

Business intelligence analyzes historical data to allow for informed business decisions whereas data analytics focuses on algorithms to predict trends.

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is a set of reporting tools and methods for collecting, analyzing, and presenting business information to support better business decisions.

Business intelligence data visualization tools are used to design charts and graphs that display sales, production, financial, and other business data. Dashboards and performance scorecards display business metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to help visualize complex data relationships in an easy-to-understand way.

Business intelligence can accelerate and improve strategic and tactical decision-making, optimize internal business processes, and increase operational efficiency.

Data Analytics

Data analytics uses algorithms to examine current and historical  data. Using tools—such as online analytical processing (OLAP), data mining, predictive analytics, and statistical analysis—data analytics identify patterns and relationships in data and predicts future trends.


  • Cognos

  • GDAL (for geospatial applications)

  • IBM

  • Microsoft BI Suite

  • Microsoft Power BI

  • Microsoft Power Query

  • R Programming

  • SAP BOBJ Web Intelligence

  • SAP Hana

  • SAS

  • SQL Server Enterprise

  • Tableau


  • Full data warehouse and business intelligence solution implementation

  • Data modelling

  • Data architecture

  • ETL Design and development

  • Data marts design and development

  • Dashboard design and development

  • KPI scorecard design and development

  • Training

  • Proof of concept

  • Tool recommendation


Here are a few projects that provided data analytics and business intelligence.

Student Aid

Student Aid

Managing and delivering the business intelligence and data analytics for the replacement of an aging student aid system. This integrated intelligence and tools enabled sound evidence-based decisions.

Employment Services

Employment Services

Managed, developed, and implemented a business intelligence portal that provided information and analysis tools to assist staff in delivering employment services.  The portal was a central location for standard reports and provided tool for custom reports.

Enterprise Data Warehouse

Enterprise Data Warehouse

Designed and delivered the architecture for an enterprise-wide business intelligence and corporate data warehouse to provide a central repository for organizational data. Using Cognos tools—Framework Manager, Data Manager, and Reports Studio—to connect with an Oracle database improved financial reporting and accounting capabilities.

Enterprise Data Warehouse

Enterprise Data Warehouse

Assisted in designing, developing, and implementing enterprise data warehouse through several project phases involving SAP and Tableau tools. The data warehouse allowed internal and external users to quickly access information while ensuring privacy.