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As an established consultant, you’ve spent a considerable portion of your career building and fostering valued relationships with your clients. Above all else, you want to continue supporting and helping your clients achieve and improve their business outcomes.

Whether you are thinking of leaving long-term employment or are weary of playing the “lone wolf,” working with Quartech offers the perfect blend of continuing to support the clients you love while creating a flexible and collaborative working environment for yourself. We can help you find a consulting engagement that fits your lifestyle and skills.

We value your knowledge and experience and want to build a relationship that goes beyond a single contract.

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If you are new to consulting, then you have tasted the freedom and flexibility it offers. You may have also experienced the challenges and isolation of independent consulting.

Quartech is a people company. We develop long-term relationships with our contractors, providing them with access to training, industry trends sessions, resume assistance, and an account manager with business and technology delivery experience.

Because our account managers have advised on client projects, they can prepare you for client interviews by sharing valuable insight into the project, the client, its people, and its culture.  Once on contract, they can support you in handling issues, such as scope creep, confusion with deliverables, or project conflicts.

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Are you looking for a supportive environment where you have freedom to apply your skills and develop your career? Are you wondering whether contracting is for you? Do you wonder what would be expected of you daily or yearly?

More and more professionals are turning to contracting to fulfil a need for a challenging and rewarding career that provides them with the flexibility they desire and the freedom they crave.

Our business and technology consultants can help you to discover whether contracting is a good fit you. If technology or business contracting is right for you, we can support you as you transition from employment to contracting —or from contracting to employment.

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