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Our History

In 1984 Quartech started as a Vancouver team of mainframe developers focused on the social services ministry in British Columbia, Canada. Over the years, we have continued to build on our deep understanding of the social service sector and continue to enhance and support many of the systems developed by our founding team.

Along with these long-term successes, we have evolved with the needs of an expanding client base, the growing skills of our staff, and the increasing capabilities of technology. We are now over 250 full-time contractors and employees providing a broad array of leading services and solutions across sectors, including finance, justice, social services, transportation, education, insurance, public safety, health, and natural resources.

Our Vision

We are the technology firm most trusted to lead innovation and create measurable value. Through honouring our commitment to our clients and our people, we set the standard for technology service excellence.


Our mission is to make our clients successful. We do this by attracting the brightest and most capable innovative people who will create clarity, drive innovation, and deliver excellence.